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L'Boro working plan

User requirements for TV based information solution for older people

The following outlines the aims and objectives of the requirements gathering stage of the AAL project. Actions and responsibilities are specified on weekly basis and covers the period 15th August to 29th September. The bulk of these activities will be undertaken by Loughborough University. However, to complete these tasks, successfully, NCHA staff will need to facilitate communication with the residents at Muskham and help set up the data gathering sessions. In addition useful data is expected to be provided by NCHA SMART and Nottingham County Council to help build the user profile. Tripleplay have also agreed to enable a demonstration of the kind of solutions that they offer and, in particular, to give an indication of the kind of navigation that will be offered.

Aims and objectives of the user requirements stage of the project

• to understand the needs for information and communication that could be delivered via an interactive (using a hand held remote) TV in the users’ home;
• to determine effective ways to present and navigate the information/service provided to end users and other stakeholders;

1. Contact stakeholders including Muskham View service managers;
2. Elicit profile of potential end users through County Council contacts;
3. Elicit profile of potential end users through SMART data
4. Develop baseline diagnostic test on ICT experience, capabilities and well-being;
5. Design appropriate interventions including two or more group sessions
To include – identification and ranking of information needs, initial ideas on the navigational and presentational design
6. Where appropriate, individual interviews to explore issues in more depth, and where possible with family members
7. Data analysis and synthesis
8. Group session to end users demonstrate mock-up solutions
9. Analyse feedback
10. Group session with all stakeholders to present conclusions
11. Feedback findings to Tripleplay
12. Liaise with Tripleplay to refine and produce final report 

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