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Activities - Working plan

co-design workshop pictureThe co-design workshops constitute the phase 1 of the project which will take place during fall 2011:
• A fortnight of tenants divided into 2 or 3 subgroups
• A mix of organised activities, training and simulation exercise that will enable to designate the services and their condition for success
• Use of existing tools and contents: applications available on touchpad (flip board), webnapperon v1, ADAMA's tools.
• Role plays, roundtables, handling interactive objects
(Already done in the UK)

Deliverables at the end of the workshops
• Design of services and tools
• Which role for each actor?
• What are the conditions for success?
• Methodology for the launch and the support to new users.
The development phase of the new tools will begin in parallel from September for the deployments and developments in real life in 2012.
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