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The Challenge

Smart technologies for self-service to seniors in social housing (HOST) is aimed to provide easy-to-use technologies and services in social housing flats to allow a better quality of communication and a better access to package services from the elders. Thus, by experimenting a European model of ‘connected flats’ for elder people, characterized by specific equipments enabling easier relations with family, service providers and housing operators through enriched supports the HOST project should:

  • Bring more comfort of living to the elders
  • Reinforce social inclusion
  • Allow a longer stay in their house
  • Improve two way communication between the service provider and support services
  • Improve efficiency in providing services.
  • Reduce costs

Condition of success for this pioneer model: elaboration closer to the users, ethics, business model and partnership.

First of all, a co-design workshop will be introduced in the last quarter of 2011 (already done in the UK). It will aim to define with a sample of around 15 potential customers, the expected services and the experimentation conditions.
Selection criteria for the co-design workshops:

  • Residents over 55 years old,
  • Selected on a voluntary basis, by direct recruitment through the knowledge network of the social landlords
  • Motivated and curious,
  • Sensitive to innovation but not necessarily technicians
  • Sensitive to the improvement of the service and the collective dimension
  • Residences located in a services environment : community staff of the social landlords, local partnership
  • Commitment from the Local Authority, critical in the UK as they pay for these services as commissioners.


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