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Social housing constitutes an application field to offer ICT services to the individuals with specific needs and who cannot afford standard market prices and complicated interfaces. This population is mostly composed of seniors with low incomes.

In the UE there are several organisations that gather social housing operators. Nowadays, the organisations belonging to the European Social Housing Federation, named CECODHAS network, groups together about 29 millions residences and families.

The social Housing sector in Europe does not provide only flats. Its mission is evolving towards offering a broad range of services to its users (call centre, communication on forthcoming events, administrative support, and access to specific services…), especially for frail people (seniors and disabled people).

Social housing has been trying to provide a comfortable and friendly context to enable the integration of elders into the self-serve society. Several examples show that social operators are using more and more ICT to improve the elders’ quality of life and independence. The technologies being nearly ready to use, the access to market (estimated to 2 years) depends mainly on adapted experimentation and a large dissemination.

The aimed solution is to provide easy-to-use technologies and services in social housing flats to allow a better quality of communication and a better access to package services from the elders; by experimenting a European model of “connected flats” for elder people, characterised by specific equipments enabling easier relations with, family, service providers and housing operators, through enriched supports (images, text, voice, documents) the host project should:

  • Bring more comfort of living to the elders
  • Reinforce social inclusion (with friends, family, administrations, social operators…)
  • Allow a longer stay in their house
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